Kevin Sylla


Kevin Sylla

Kevin Sylla is a highly accomplished energy executive with a global reach, who has made a significant impact on the industry. With a strong emphasis on energy security, he is leading the way towards a sustainable future by working towards carbon neutrality and promoting an intelligent energy transition.

Kevin Sylla

About Kevin

Kevin Sylla is an International Energy executive focused on bridging the gap between fossil fuels and clean energy and leading a balanced energy transition and its evolution to carbon neutrality with an eye on energy security. His mission is to find disruptive technologies and innovative solutions to produce clean hydrogen to diversify the energy transition and avoid the pitfalls of electrifying everything.

With over 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Kevin brings a wealth of expertise in management, business development, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and oil and gas field operations.

Kevin’s strategic vision and deep understanding of land development have been pivotal in identifying and developing vast areas for exploration, totaling over 500,000 acres. Throughout his career, he has overseen the drilling and management of numerous wells, demonstrating his hands-on approach and operational acumen.

An entrepreneur at heart, Kevin has founded multiple startup companies in the energy sector, with a particular focus on clean developments. His recent ventures, Pristine Energy and Hydrathermal Energy, underscore his commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the energy industry.

Kevin’s academic background includes completing the Petroleum Land Management Program at Texas Christian University and earning an Energy & Finance Management Certificate from the University of Denver. His global perspective and extensive experience have positioned him as a leading figure in the international energy landscape, with operations spanning from China to the United States.

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